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Basotho must benefit from “White Gold”
23 April 2015

Lesotho’s new Minister of Water Ralechate ‘Mokose says it is of paramount importance if Basotho are the ones to first benefit from a plethora of water sources locally known as ‘White Gold’.The minister said this on Wednesday in Maseru when addressing the challenge of water scarcity and hydroelectric power in the country.

“The two ministries of Water and Energy have to navigate ways of getting out of this situation.”

He said he was going to propose US$3.3 million from the government for the 2015/16 financial year that would all be used to avail water to most Basotho.

‘Mokose said it was a practice uncalled for to see Basotho thirsty and yet Lesotho is blessed with lots of water that could be used for domestic, industrial or irrigation purposes.

He said despite the giant project of the Lesotho Highlands Water Commission, Lesotho has some water sources that through technical expertise could be able to reach every Mosotho all over the country.

The Minister said they are planning to call experts from Swaziland to show them how they draw water from their rivers to implement various projects in their country.

Lesotho is currently exporting large volumes of water to the neighbouring South Africa where it earns millions of dollars on a monthly basis.

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