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Deputy Prime Minister remains unshaken
1 December 2016

Deputy Prime Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing says the agreement by DC Deputy leader Monyane Moleleki and former Prime Minister Tom Thabane will not stand to oust the government unless it is tested in the National Assembly.

Metsing was responding to pronouncements by the Moleleki faction of the Prime Minister's party Democratic Congress and its allies that they are ready to take over government.

Lesotho's Deputy Prime Minister says the prime minister can vacate office only by resigning or a motion by a vote of no confidence in parliament

“They have to go to parliament and prove that; that's the only place when you have government in place. When you have government in place, the only way now to unseat that government constitutionally and legally, that has to be done in parliament through the motion of no confidence or if prime minister chooses to resign,” adds Metsing.

Moleleki's faction says they have numbers, but Metsing says some of the MPs in that alliance that include Thabane, who has been in exile for more than a year, may be disqualified when parliament resumes for not attending sittings.

“The question would be who is going to be voting; who is not going to be voting? So, there are serious challenges now. So, that when we come to the motion of no confidence we are sure that all the members who are taking part actually have legitimacy,” adds Mesting.

Can we see this spilling over into the coalition government?

"Yes it will have an impact but that does not mean that it will bring down the government. No, not at all,” adds Metsing.

But he maintains right now Lesotho is not in crisis, but instead democracy is thriving.

"The same thing when they are happening in other countries, it is called democracy, but when they are happening in Lesotho - Lesotho is unstable again. We must let our people enjoy the same democracy as other countries elsewhere in the world. That is why we are saying, 'let us ensure everything is done within the limits and confines of the law'.”

Metsing has warned leaders in position of influence to refrain from sending wrong messages to the public.


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