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Trout farming is an export success
29 October 2014


If you were thinking of an ideal location on which to base a commercial fish farm, you wouldn't necessarily think of the mountainous land-locked African nation of Lesotho.

Yet from small beginnings just two years ago, the country's Highlands Trout operation has become a big fish in a rather small pond.

The company now proudly produces some of the world's finest "Made in Africa" trout, and is exporting hundreds of tonnes of fish to Japan and South Africa.

In Japan, the firm has managed to bypass the large, wholesale fish markets, and its trout have become a favourite in gourmet sushi.

This has helped Lesotho produce twice the amount of trout as its much larger neighbour, South Africa, and the operation has been heralded as an example of how Africa can benefit commercially from creative investment and utilisation of its aquaculture opportunities.

Nestled between the rolling Maluti mountains and just a stone's throw from the Katse Dam, which is Africa's second largest, is the headquarters of Highlands Trout.

Inside the high-tech building a nursery houses millions of trout eggs that have been imported specifically from Denmark.

The tiny hatchlings are later transferred into reservoirs situated in a climate-controlled room.

When the fish reach 20g, they are transported to grow-out cages on the Katse Dam itself.

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